For Immediate Release – November 4, 2018

Narcissistic abuse recovery survivors come together to share stories of hope, inspire victims to get free in a new anthology

More than 20 survivors tell their shocking true stories and how they finally managed to get free of toxic relationships, plus offer advice on how to do it yourself.

St. Lous, MO – BlissFire Media, LLC announces the publication of a new anthology, compiled and co-authored by certified life coach, narcissistic abuse recovery expert, and popular YouTuber Angie Atkinson.

For more than a year, Atkinson has been collecting stories from the members of her online support group for narcissistic abuse recovery, nicknamed “the SPANily.” The group’s official name is SPAN: Support for People Affected by Narcissism in toxic relationships.

With their permission to publish the stories, the St. Louis County-based YouTuber announced over the weekend that the book is finally ready for release, with the official launch date being set for Friday, November 9.

“My hope is that by sharing the voices of survivors of narcissistic abuse, you can be inspired to become the healthy, evolving thriver you were meant to be – and maybe, one who will change the course of history by ending the cycle of abuse in your own family moving forward,” Atkinson says. “One person truly can create a difference in the world, but by bringing these amazing voices together in this anthology, my fellow survivors and I hope to spark widespread, meaningful change that spans generations.”

“This book is for every single person, man or woman, who has ever experienced the invalidation, humiliation and soul-sucking proverbial ‘death by a thousand cuts’ that comes with being involved with a toxic narcissist,” she adds.

To those who have survived such abuse, Atkinson adds, “Do not stop at survival my friend – keep going until you’re thriving, evolving and living the very best life you can. Know that you deserve it. Know that you can have it. Know that you’re not alone. I hope these stories will help you see that it really isn’t you, as you may have been led to believe. You’re not crazy.”

The book, entitled The Evolution of Echo: Raising Our Voices: Stories of Surviving Narcissistic Abuse, features the shocking and inspiring stories of 20 survivors of abuse, plus advice, tips and encouragement for anyone who has experienced a toxic relationship. Authors include Angie Atkinson, Jillian Tindall, Esq., Colleen Brosnan, Lise Colucci, James LaCroix, Andy Maycen, Diane Hawkes, Palma Mingozzi, Rebecca McGranahan, Shermonicia Slaughter, Angelena Lewis, Blair Botelho, Jennifer Primo, Phyllis Gilbert, Lara Shaw, Gable Young, Dita, Nelly Juma, and Dr. Marni H Foderaro. The cover art is an original design by artist and survivor Maria Kauffman, and the anthology coordinator is Melina A. Moutria.

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