My Favorite Things

On this page, I’m keeping a running list of all of my favorite things – starting with things people most commonly ask me about.

#1: My Lipstick! I am always asked what shade and brand of lipstick I use. So, here’s the story:

When I’m not wearing color, I use Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Gloss.

When I’m wearing color (which, let’s be honest, is ALMOST always), I’m wearing a plum color. My favorite is called Crush by Revlon – it’s a balm stain gloss.

Recently, I’ve also fallen in love with a new kind of lipstick called UltraHD Matte Color from Revlon – it stays on longer and doesn’t make my lips feel sticky at all! Using a plum color (a red with a blue or purple undertone) is also excellent for making your teeth look whiter!

#2: My Coffee! I am totally devoted to 8’oclock Coffee – specifically, the French Roast, whole bean variety.

And I grind it fresh every day in my burr mill coffee grinder. I use coconut oil (always unrefined organic) and a touch of Coffeemate (not very healthy, I know!) most of the time, but once a day, I skip the Coffeemate and use organic, grassfed ghee butter and blend it up for a great cup of homemade Bulletproof coffee. And I brew it all up in my favorite old-fashioned Bunn coffee maker – best I’ve found over the years (and it only takes 2 or 3 minutes to brew an entire pot!)

#3 – My weight loss –  I’m also a woman who has struggled with being overweight and being invisible in a society that both perpetuates obesity and shuns those affected by it.

I managed to get past the biggest part of my weight struggles and to take off the 100 plus pounds I needed to – although the journey continues every day.

I learned to change my mind, and to understand myself and the way my body works on a whole new level.

I wrote this book because I truly believe in paying it forward and in helping others who could use some real, solid advice from someone who has been where they are, rather than some random fitness guru who has never experienced the life of an overweight or obese person.

My genuine hope is that it helps everyone who reads it to find a new perspective and to allow her (or his) true self to emerge through the physical baggage she (or he) is carrying today.

That’s how it worked for me, once I figured out the really important “little things” I was missing – and I’m sharing them all with you in this book called Project Blissful.

I am also addicted to my FitBit!

#4 – How my teeth stay so white – People are always asking me how my teeth are so white. Truth is that part of it is simply my genetics – but I DO use certain things that may help.

For example, I use the Crest HD duo and Listerine Whitening Mouthwash.




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