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Angie Atkinson is available for selected brand partnerships.

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Sponsored YouTube Videos

Angie frequently works with brands on sponsored videos on her YouTube channels.

Sponsored Blog Posts

As long as your post is within the site’s submission guidelines and isn’t entirely self-promotional, Angie and BlissFireMedia LLC will accept sponsored posts.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

When your mission is similar to or complementary to Angie’s mission, she will work with you on sponsored social media posts.

Brand Ambassadorships

When your brand and Angie’s mission align, she will be happy to work as your brand ambassador.

Custom Brand Support

Angie is open to discussing custom brand support if your target customer is part of her community. Please note: we do not work with every brand that proposes an offer – but we are open to discussing the possibilities on how we can partner in a mutually beneficial way.

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